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What is Asian Handicap?

What is Asian Handicap? – Find Out Everything You Need to Know About Handicap Betting at Betmaster Ireland

Welcome to the world of sports betting at Betmaster Ireland. If you’re a gambler curious about innovative ways to have fun with your sports betting, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll unravel the mysteries behind Asian handicap, a form of betting that has gained global popularity and offers an interesting alternative to traditional betting.

Here, you’ll find out what Asian handicap betting is, how it differs from other types of handicap betting, and when it’s most advantageous to use this betting method. If you like sports betting, especially on soccer matches, this is an excellent way to add a special touch to your bets. Shall we go for it?

What is Asian Handicap?

Asian Handicap is a form of sports betting that seeks to even out the odds between two unequal teams by giving one team an advantage or disadvantage in terms of goals or points. Originating in Asia, this type of bet eliminates the possibility of a draw, offering only two possible outcomes: victory or defeat. In this way, it offers more opportunities to win and reduces the risk for bettors.

Difference Between Handicap and Asian Handicap

While the standard handicap also offers a way of leveling the odds between two teams, Asian handicap work with a big difference in several ways. The most notable is that the standard handicap allows bets on three possible outcomes: win, draw or loss. In addition, in standard handicap, bets can be settled with fractions (such as 0.5, 1.5, etc.), while asian handicap markets often use quarter goals (such as 0.25, 0.75, etc.) to further refine the odds.

Difference Between Asian Handicap and European Handicap

The Asian handicap and the European handicap are two popular sports betting formats, but they have important differences that can impact the betting strategy and the final result.

Result options: In the European handicap betting, there are three possible outcomes: win, draw and lose. In Asian handicap markets, there are only two options: win or lose. A draw outcome is not an option because the asian handicap betting often uses half and quarter points (such as -1.5 or -0.25), eliminating the possibility of a draw.

Return of investment: In the Asian handicap market, there is the possibility of having part or all of your investment returned, depending on the handicap and the final match result. In European handicap betting, once the bet is placed, the amount is fixed and there is no refund, regardless of the last match result.

Flexibility: asian handicap markets are more flexible, offering a wider range of handicaps that can include decimal numbers. European handicaps are simpler and usually use whole numbers for handicaps.

Complexity of handicaps and strategy: Due to its more flexible nature in the asian handicap lines and the various handicap possibilities, Asian handicap is often seen as more complex and requires a more detailed strategy. European handicap is more straightforward and can therefore be easier to understand for first-time bettors.

Risk: Asian handicaps can minimize risk in certain situations due to better odds and the possibility of a refund. With European handicap, on the other hand, the all-or-nothing nature of the bet can result in bigger winnings, but also more significant losses.

Practical Example of an Asian Handicap Bet

For Irish sports betting enthusiasts, let’s dive into a practical example using the Asian handicap, focusing on the Premier League, one of the most watched soccer leagues in Ireland. Imagine a match between Manchester United and Brighton.

In this scenario, Manchester United, playing at Old Trafford, are considered the favoured team. You see an Asian handicap option of “Manchester United -1.5”. This handicap means that the Red Devils start the match with a virtual deficit of 1.5 goals. For your bet to be successful, Manchester United needs to win by a margin of 2 goals or more.

On the opposite side, Brighton have an Asian handicap of “+1.5” and a head start. This implies that they kick off the game with a 1.5 goal advantage. If Brighton lose by 1 goal, draw or even win, your bet wins.

The beauty of the Asian handicap lies in its flexibility: if the game starts and ends with Manchester United winning by exactly 1 goal, your bet is void and your money is returned.

So pay attention to the “+” and “-” signs. In the “Manchester United -1” example, if you bet that Manchester United will be the winner by 2 goals or more and the game ends 1-0 to Manchester, your bet loses. However, the money wagered on a void bet would be returned if the final result corresponds exactly to the stipulated handicap.

Asian Handicap Types Explained

Asian handicaps offer various options that can suit different betting strategies. Below are some of the most common types of Asian handicap you can bet on at Betmaster Ireland:

Asian whole number handicap (e.g. -1, -2, +1, +2): Here, a whole number is added to or subtracted from a team’s final result. For example, if you bet on a team with a -1 handicap, they need to win by 2 goals or more for you to win the bet.

Asian half-point handicap (e.g. -0.5, -1.5, +0.5, +1.5): This type eliminates the possibility of a draw in the bet, as the half points guarantee that there will be a clear result. For example, if you bet on a team with a handicap of -0.5, they must win for you to be the winner of the bet.

Asian quarter-point handicap (e.g. -0.25, +0.75): This is a middle ground between the whole-number and half-point handicaps. Here, your bet is split in two: one half goes on the nearest whole number and the other half goes on the nearest half point. This offers a way to minimize losses or maximize winnings, depending on the game outcome.

Asian level handicap (0): In this case, you are basically betting on an even match. If your bet loses and the game ends in a draw, the bet is returned. To win, the team you bet on must be the winner of the match.

Double Asian handicap (e.g. -1, -1.5 or +0.5, +1): In this type of bet, your investment is split into two handicaps that are diverse. If one of them is a winner and the other is a draw, you win half a bet. If both are winners, you win the full bet.

Each type of Asian handicap betting has its own nuances and may be better suited to certain games or betting strategies. Understanding each one can provide you with a significant advantage when you’re placing your bets.

5 Tips for Betting on Betmaster Ireland with an Asian Handicap

Using Asian handicap betting at is easy. To start betting, simply register. You can also take advantage of the many promotions available for sports betting. But here are some other useful tips for betting with Asian handicap at Betmaster:

Evaluate the team’s formation: If you notice that a strong team is playing with its starters and shows real interest in winning, the Asian handicap betting can be an excellent option. This allows you to maximize your chances to win, especially if the favorite team wins by a large margin.

Look at the history of goals: In matches that traditionally have few goals, consider using the over/under asian handicap bet. This can be particularly interesting if you have a good understanding of how the teams play and what their offensive and defensive tendencies are.

Bet with caution in evenly balanced games: In games where the teams have similar abilities, the 0 handicap can be a good choice, although the reward is less. However, bear in mind that this is almost like a “safety” bet, where, in the event of a draw, you get your money back.

Last-minute information: If you have access to important information that could influence the outcome of the football match, such as absentees, weather conditions or last-minute decisions on team formation, the 0.75 Asian handicap could be an excellent choice. This handicap offers a certain level of protection and can be particularly useful in uncertain situations.

Double your chances with Double Chance and Asian Handicap: If you’re a more conservative bettor and like options like Double Chance, also consider Asian Handicap as a way of diversifying your strategies. This can increase your chances of success, especially if you are familiar with the nuances of the different types of Asian handicap.

Asian Handicap Chart

HandicapTeam resultsBet result
Draw50% Returned
Draw or Defeat/LossLoses
-0.75Victory by 1 goal50% Win
Victory by 2+ goalsWin
Draw or Defeat/LossLoses
Draw50% Win
+0.5Victory or DrawWin
+0.75Victory or DrawWin
Defeat/Loss by 1 goal50% Returned
Defeat/Loss by 2+ goalsLoses

This chart serves as a quick guide to understanding how Asian handicap betting works at Each line indicates the handicap in question, the team’s result in the match and the final outcome of your bet. The chart can help both beginners and more experienced bettors make good handicap betting decisions.

Is it Worth Betting With an Asian handicap at Betmaster Ireland?

We’re sure this guide will be useful in demystifying the Asian handicap bets. As you can see, this is a type of bet that can add an extra level of complexity and excitement to your games. It offers more options than ordinary bets and can be particularly useful in situations where there is a clear favorite or in very evenly matched games.

Don’t forget to always check out the tips and ideal times to use this type of bet. If you’re looking for a reliable platform to start your sports betting with Asian handicap, Betmaster Ireland is an excellent choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Asian handicap Betting at Betmaster Ireland

What is the Asian handicap at Betmaster Ireland?

Asian handicap is a form of betting that allows you to balance the odds between two unequal teams, giving the weaker team an early advantage in terms of goals. At Betmaster Ireland, you’ll find several Asian handicap options on sports such as soccer, especially in the most popular leagues.

How do I bet on Asian handicap at Betmaster Ireland?

First, you’ll need to create an account with Betmaster Ireland if you don’t already have one. After logging in, go to the sports betting section and choose the event you want to bet on. Look for the Asian handicap betting option, select the handicap you think is most suitable and place your bet.

In which sports and leagues can I use the Asian handicap at Betmaster Ireland?

Although Asian handicap is more common in soccer betting, Betmaster Ireland also offers this option in other sports such as basketball and rugby. You’ll find this form of betting mainly in popular leagues, including the Premier League, LaLigaNBA, among others.

What is the difference between Asian Handicap and European Handicap at Betmaster Ireland?

The Asian handicaps eliminate the possibility of a draw as a result of the bet, which means you only have two options for the outcome: win or lose. European handicap include the possibility of a draw as one of the bet outcomes. Both forms of handicap are available at Betmaster Ireland.

What happens if the match ends in a draw in an Asian handicap bet?

Depending on the specific type of Asian handicap bet you have chosen, the outcome of a draw may vary. For example, if you bet on an Asian handicap of 0, your stake will be returned in the event of a draw. If you bet on an Asian handicap of -0.25 and the game ends in a draw, 50% of your bet will be returned.