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Score Big Wins with Betmaster Ireland: Your Ultimate Guide to Correct Score Betting

Greetings from Betmaster Ireland, where we offer a wide range of betting opportunities for our savvy punters. Today, let’s delve into the world of Correct Score betting, a favorite among those looking for high-reward bets. Here’s everything you need to know, complete with examples using fractional odds for clarity.

Nature of the Bet

Correct Score betting is about predicting the exact final score of a game. It’s a thrilling way to bet, offering high stakes and the potential for significant returns.

Difficulty and Odds

Predicting the exact score is a challenging feat, reflected in the attractive odds offered.

Example: In a football match between Dublin FC and Cork City, a Correct Score bet of 2-1 in favor of Dublin might carry odds of 8/1, meaning a €1 bet would return €8 in profit, plus your stake, for a total return of €9.

Popular in Football

Football is where Correct Score betting truly shines, with a multitude of possible outcomes.

Example: For a classic matchup like Shamrock Rovers vs. Dundalk, a 0-0 draw might be at odds of 15/2, offering a €15 profit on a €2 bet, totaling €17.


This type of bet requires a solid understanding of the teams, their history, and current form. Bettors often examine various factors like team dynamics, recent injuries, and historical performance.

High Risk, High Reward

While it’s challenging to nail the exact score, the potential for high payouts makes Correct Score betting particularly exciting.

Use in Other Sports

Correct Score betting isn’t just for football; it’s also used in sports like tennis.

Example in Tennis: Predicting a 3-1 set victory for a player in a Grand Slam match might come with odds of 5/1, offering a lucrative opportunity for well-informed tennis fans.

Not Ideal for Beginners

Due to its complexity, we recommend Correct Score betting for more experienced bettors who are familiar with the intricacies of the sports they are betting on. Learn more about sports betting here.

Live Betting Opportunities

Correct Score bets can be placed live, with odds changing as the game progresses.

Live Betting Example: If a football game is 1-1 at halftime, predicting a final score of 2-1 might have live odds of 6/1, presenting an attractive opportunity for live bettors.

Combination Bets

For those looking for even bigger thrills, combining multiple Correct Score bets into an accumulator can provide enormous potential returns, albeit at increased risk.

Responsible Betting

As always, we at Betmaster Ireland advocate for responsible betting. Correct Score bets should be approached with caution, and bets should be within your means.


Correct Score betting at Betmaster Ireland offers an exciting, high-stakes way to engage with your favorite sports. With the right strategy and a bit of luck, this form of betting can be highly rewarding. So, why not give it a try? Bet wisely, and enjoy the thrill of the game!

Betmaster Ireland promotes responsible gambling. Please bet within your limits and enjoy the game responsibly.